You’re Nuts: How will today’s Ohio State-Penn State game go?

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Today’s question: how Ohio state-The Penn State game is over?

Jami’s Take: Ohio State 35, Penn State 10

Overnight games at Ohio Stadium usually bring a little extra excitement, but while the Buckeyes v Penn State game seemed to deliver on that promise at the start of the season, it is no longer a clash between. two top 5 teams.

That’s not to say that all hope of a great game is lost. The No.20 Nittany Lions, after a road loss to Iowa and an insane loss to unranked Illinois in a game that ended in 9 overtime, will be eager to avoid their third straight loss.

But as the season wore on, the No.5 Buckeyes appear to have found their rhythm as Penn State appears to have lost ground. Add to that the fact that starting Penn State quarterback Sean Clifford may not be 100 percent yet, and the Buckeyes are well rested after their week off, and it looks like the Buckeyes game be lost.

I don’t necessarily anticipate a blowout, but I think the Buckeyes will keep control on a regular basis.

I’d love to see the prime-time energy in store for us some surprises and make it a close game for fun, but the reality is the Buckeyes are fighting to keep their playoff hopes alive, and they know that at best. , it’s a Penn State team that could put an end to those dreams. And so, I expect nothing less than Ryan Day’s Mightiest Army.

This game is especially crucial for freshman quarterback CJ Stroud, who lit things up in October.

While rumors of the almighty Heismans are already starting, Stroud has a huge opportunity to strengthen that outlook this week. The fact that his impressive stats have come up against opponents fewer in number than Penn State means he has to show his abilities with the greats.

After throwing for 484 yards in the loss to Oregon and then missing the game against Akron with an injury, Stroud threw for 1,032 yards in the last three games. He also registered 14 touchdowns and no interceptions. I expect him to continue his momentum and pitch for over 300 yards and two touchdowns against Penn State.

That doesn’t even fit into the TreVeyon Henderson of it all. The freshman running back sprints to a number of freshman records, including Maurice Clarett’s record 18 touchdowns in the 2002 national championship season. Henderson, who has already scored 14 touchdowns this year, only needs 5 more to hold the record. I think he will cover 80 yards and another touchdown today.

I also think OSU’s defense has a chance to show that they are past their growing pains. Penn State has struggled to get the ball spinning all season, ranking 99th for ground success rate, and if Buckeye’s defense can capitalize on that, Penn State could struggle to get into the end zone. .

I would love to see a great game between these two teams, I really would. In fact, just a few weeks ago, it was a game I predicted the Buckeyes could lose. But the promise that this game would be one for the ages slowly fizzled out as the season wore on, and I changed my mind about how I think this game will go.

My prediction: Stroud begins to argue for Heisman. The Buckeyes win, 35-10.

Matt’s Take: Ohio State 49, Penn State 13

First shift

Since Ryan Day has proven to be one of America’s worst coaches when it comes to winning draws, Penn State will win and recover in the second half. This means the Buckeyes will start the game with the ball, and it will prove to have been the first of many terrible in-game training decisions for James Franklin in his last game against Ohio State as coach of Penn State.

With the ball, CJ Stroud will lead the Buckeyes on a 75-yard, eight-play drive. He’ll go 5-for-5 for 42 yards while TreVeyon Henderson will have three carries for 33 yards and score the game’s first touchdown.

As has been the case several times for Ohio State this season, the Nits will have a successful first practice. Quarterback Sean Clifford will avoid a rush to Buckeye and find wide receiver Jahan Dotson for a 47-yard pickup. However, despite the big game, PSU is 107th nationally in red zone touchdown percentage (50%), and the OSU defense will bow, forcing Franklin to a placement drop. on the 4th and 3rd of 16.

Before the end of the first period, Stroud will connect with Chris Olave for a score of 27 yards. This touchdown reception will be the 31st CO2 of his legendary Buckeye career, knocking him out of a tie with Devin Smith and taking second place on his own, just three TDs behind the iconic David Boston (don’t worry no, Olave will not be done for the day).

At the end of the first quarter, Ohio State will lead 14-3.

Second quarter

After Dotson’s uncluttered first practice, Matt Barnes will find ways to keep him on hold throughout the quarter, and the Nits will kick three times in the second 15 minutes, gaining just 34 yards combined.

The Buckeyes, on the other hand, will have a much more fruitful period. While mixing up passing and running, Henderson will score his second touchdown of the game on a wheel road in which he crosses, rounds and passes Penn State defenders, giving OSU a 21-3 lead.

While Jesse Mirco will actually be called on to kick once before half-time, otherwise Buckeye’s offense will continue to be virtually perfect and unstoppable. Last week the Illini rushed for 357 yards against the PSU defense, and while Ryan Day’s offense will be much more balanced, the second quarter is where Henderson officially takes over and fully engages in the conversation. on the Heisman Trophy.

Halftime: Ohio State 28, Penn State 3
Ohio State Statistics:
CJ Stroud: 13-for-16, 135 yards, 2 touchdowns
TreVeyon Henderson: 124 rushing yards, 26 receiving yards, 2 total touchdowns

Pennsylvania State Statistics:
Sean Clifford: 4-for-9, 66 yards
Jahon Dotson: 2 receptions, 51 yards

Third quarter

The Nits get the ball back first after the break and they turn things around this time around. Rather than trying to get the ball to their best offensive weapon – Dotson – they zigzag when the Buckeyes expect them to zag. The opening of the third quarter on the field with a mix of quarterback races and RPOs designed. Clifford has first three runs on the drive and all of a sudden the PSU is inside OSU 30. However, the defensive staff make a change and get Craig Young to basically spy on the PSU QB and the drive stops there. , but again, Franklin’s natural instinct to do the wrong thing leads him to hit a 47-yard field goal.

Jordan Stout connects to reduce Buckeye’s lead to three touchdowns (plus a two-run conversion), 28-6.

In their first practice of the second half, Stroud found Jaxon Smith-Njigba for a 44-yard touchdown to further extend the lead. OSU ends the quarter with Henderson’s third touchdown of the game, and its day is over with the home side leading under the lights 42-6.

Fourth trimester

While Day and company don’t fully pull all the starters on either side of the ball, the fourth frame sees a lot more rotation. This leads the Nits to supplement their stats a bit and Clifford connects with tight end Brenton Strange for the only touchdown of the PSU game.

Eventually, Kyle McCord of Pennsylvania will replace Stroud, and although the OSU offense will no longer score that day, they will move the ball, but be forced to return it on the downs midway through the fourth quarter, just outside the red zone.

From there, Buckeye’s defense will continue to crack down on Clifford, sacking him and putting him out of play. On the next punt, Emeka Egbuka will do what no Buckeye has done since Jalin Marshall in 2014 against Indiana and he will return a punt for a touchdown, bringing the score to 49-13, which is where the game ends.

Final: Ohio State 49, Penn State 13
Ohio State Statistics:
CJ Stroud: 24-for-31, 274 yards, 3 touchdowns
TreVeyon Henderson: 251 rushing yards, 62 receiving yards, 3 total touchdowns

Pennsylvania State Statistics:
Sean Clifford: 11 for 33, 145 passing yards, 41 rushing yards
Jahon Dotson: 7 receptions, 112 yards


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