Wigston Game Design Students to Compete in British Esports Student Champs Final

Pictured above: NWSLC’s “The Eagles”

Submitted by NWSLC

Three game design students from Wigston will take part in the British Esports Student Champs final in July in Nottingham.

On July 2 and 3, George Hayward, Johnathan Martin and Jacob Wright, whose team is called “The Eagles”, will compete in the Rocket League Finals at the Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies.

Students will test their video game skills live on Twitch, with more than 700 teams and 3,000 players competing in the championships, making NWSLC students three of 20 finalists, competing against Halesowen College.

James Tedder is a lecturer in game design at the NWSLC and has competed in UK esports competitions in recent years.

James said: “We are seeing more interest than ever in our degree programs in esports, game design and digital technologies.

“Esports is a growing industry with plenty of career opportunities. To work in this industry, you need fantastic communication and media skills and the ability to edit video, create graphics, manage events and run a business.

“NWSLC students learn how to comment and analyze gameplay and use our superb facilities, including a VR vehicle cockpit and the latest computer technology for gaming platforms.

“Students are also honing their skills in competitive gaming as part of the college’s various custom leagues in addition to the UK national esports competition. These include game genres like real-time strategy, combat and games. sports.”

The Student Champs, a series of competitive grassroots video game tournaments, have been designed by British Esports for students aged 12 and over in secondary schools and colleges across the UK.

The team-based extracurricular activity helps motivate and inspire students to pursue their studies.

This year’s competition saw teams compete in various games, including Overwatch, League of Legends, Rocket League, and VALORANT.

Two of the college teams reached the semi-finals, held in March 2022, with the monkey team competing in the League of Legends game.

The Eagles managed to fend off the Edinburgh College team to reach the final.

Marion Plant, OBE FCGI, Director and Chief Executive of the NWSLC, said: “Congratulations to our students who have done so well to reach the final of this high-level skills competition.

“Digital technology is one of our areas of specialization at college, and the number of course options is growing every year.

“According to the 2021 Tech Nation report, UK investment in technology is up 17% year-on-year, and its value to the economy has increased significantly.

“These market conditions provide exciting employment opportunities for our students, and we are well placed to ensure they are able to take advantage of career paths in this sector.

“We wish the Eagles team good luck for the final.”

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