The video game developer behind Open-World Stray raises funds for homeless cats

It’s no secret that Wander has been one of the most anticipated games of the year, with virtual videos circling the internet for what feels like a lifetime.

However, with Wander released earlier this week, its new charitable driving force simply gives us more reason to rally behind the video game.

Wander centers on the story of a stray cat who must return to his family after falling into a dystopian world full of robots and carnivorous bacteria.

Now the game now helps true wanderers to search for a home.

Annapurna has teamed up with Nebraska Humane Society and Cats Protection and called on players to donate to animal shelters for a chance to win a PS4 or PS5 code to get your hands on. Wander.

While registrations are now closed, Nebraska Humane Society and Cats Protection will give away six copies of the popular game and announce the winners soon.

The game received overwhelmingly positive reviews.

A Google user wrote, “This game is absolutely wonderful. At no point in the story did I even feel like I could guess what was to come next.

“The sound design is amazing, everything was clear, but not overwhelming. I have to say, it’s always exciting when a game adds little details like sound changes depending on the terrain and the realistic thud of a cat jumping from different heights.

Another said in part: “This game is so good!! It’s really refreshing to see a totally new idea in the gaming world these days. I’ve been excited about this game ever since I watched the reveal of the PS5 years ago, and having it added to ps plus “for free” is amazing. It didn’t disappoint.

Guardian game reviewer Keza McDonald gave it five stars, calling it an unexpected “move”.

She added, “Stray is a great example of how a shift in perspective can liven up a fictional setting that we have grown accustomed to. Post-apocalyptic tales have been done to death lately, but this one is interesting because we’re experiencing it from such an unusual perspective.

I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t wait to dip my paws into it.

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