The Lafayette twins are making a name for themselves in game design

LAFAYETTE, Indiana — Adam and Brady Sadler have a lot in common. The fact that they are identical twins is just where the resemblance begins.

The couple grew up in Lafayette, graduated together from Jefferson High School and later attended Purdue University. They also toured with their fantasy metal band, Lorenguard, and shared a love of fantasy books, action movies, and games of all kinds.

Now the brothers live a few blocks apart in Noblesville. They are both fathers of young children and their common interests have not been denied. In fact, they’ve solidified into a business partnership in which the twins work together almost daily as freelance board game designers.

“We’ve had a lot of interests and pursuits in our lives and they always seem to be things we do together,” Adam Sadler said. “We played sports, played music together… and now we make games. We are very used to working together.

The brothers got their start when they both worked for Fantasy Flight Games, a game design company based in Minnesota. The company licensed the Sadlers’ first game, Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game.

“That one, people loved him. It sold out,” Adam Sadler said.

The popularity of their first game launched the brothers into the world of game design. They were recently commissioned to make a board game based on the TV show “The Walking Dead” and are also in the process of designing a detective game called Brook City.

“This game is inspired by old action movies from the 90s. It was fun working on it because we can go back to the movies we loved when we were kids,” added Brady Sadler.

While they weren’t able to reveal too many details, the brothers said they’re also working with one of their idols, Richard Launius, who designed the cult classic game Arkham Horror.

Despite decades of shared interests and pursuits, Adam and Brady Sadler said they’ve developed different skill sets, which complement each other well in the game design industry.

“When we approach a game, I have the bigger picture in mind and Brady is such a workaholic,” said Adam Sadler.

And, as brothers, they can be more candid about their differences.

“I wouldn’t argue with another game designer,” Brady Sadler said. “But when it’s my brother…” he trailed off as the couple laughed.

“When you’re twins, you argue harder than anyone else,” Adam Sadler argued.

One of many games designed by the Sadler twins

The brothers admit that their time at Lafayette and Purdue helped them refine and expand their interests, eventually leading them to the sprawling and endlessly creative world of game design.

“We were a bit eccentric growing up, but there was a lot of activity around us, we were always looking forward to doing more things,” Brady Sadler said. “Lafayette was a comfortable place to grow up. We weren’t motivated to leave; we were motivated to keep doing cooler stuff.

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