The best tips and step-by-step instructions on how to earn money online using WhatsApp by GadCapital

These days, it’s hard to imagine a world without the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It’s impossible to picture life without these platforms. Most people check their social media platforms’ alerts first thing in the morning, and they continue to do so at regular intervals until they go to bed at night. 

In light of the increased interest from users, it’s only logical to wonder whether this kind of connection may be made profitable. Advertisement revenue may be a source of income for video makers on Facebook and YouTube content providers. 

Even though WhatsApp does not allow advertising or commercial transactions, there are still several opportunities to profit from its unique architecture. The following are a few potential methods to make money using WhatsApp:

Content that becomes viral.

The Internet is awash with articles, advertisements, and other stuff. You may make money on WhatsApp by sharing valuable things with your friends. Using premium URL shortening services like Shortest and the like is the key to this approach. Shortening links to diverse online domains is possible with the help of URL shortening services that charge a fee. You’ll get paid a fixed amount of money for each click on the new, shorter link!

People are more likely to click on links to exciting content, such as articles, news, and viral videos after they’ve signed up and explored them.

You may start generating money using Whatsapp by following these steps:

  • Take a look at URL shortening websites (for example,
  • You can either sign up with your email address or check-in with Facebook to get started.
  • Share any article or web page with your WhatsApp buddies by copying the URL. Click on ‘SHORTEN URL’ after pasting the URL into the webpage.
  • Make a note of the abbreviated URL and save it for future reference.
  • The more WhatsApp contacts you can get your hands on the URL for this page, the better!
  • To make money, more people click on your link to read your material.

Secondly, there is an Affiliate Program (Selling your Product or that of Third Parties)

You may earn money by promoting a company’s product via affiliate marketing. Among the most effective affiliate marketing platforms are Amazon and Clickbank. Affiliate marketing allows you to make a commission based on the sale of a particular product. You must choose the product you want to market. Once you’ve chosen one, create an affiliate URL and begin spreading the word about it through WhatsApp to your friends and groups related to it. Affiliate programs are available from several well-known websites and Amazon.

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Utilization of PPD network

PPD (Pay Per Download) network rules dictate that you will be compensated if people download your files., for example, is one of several PPD websites. PPD website Openload is among the greatest globally since it pays more and is simple to join up and get started. This is where you’ll put all of your favorite movies, photos, music, and other media, and then spread the word about it using social media like WhatsApp and Facebook. You get compensated when a user clicks on your link and downloads your content. You’ll earn money for each download, but the amount you get depends on how much data you can download.

Promoting the Use of Software (Apps)

This is a unique choice in that you don’t get cash but rather a free recharge, Paytm currency, and other freebies. Other applications, such as task bucks, earn talk time, ladoo, and others, may be used for immediate recharging. Sharing the referral link is the only way for WhatsApp users who desire free recharges to get them.

Other Means

You may use WhatsApp to sell your goods and services and the methods listed above if you own a company. Using the app’s file-sharing tools, you may send out promotional images, movies, and other material to promote your business directly. You may put a link to your website or social media accounts in the signature of your communications. 

Using WhatsApp’s group video call function, you may hold an e-conference or a seminar and present your ideas to a bigger audience. You may also provide real-time client service through WhatsApp.

Thus, if you have an established company, there are several methods to monetize your time spent on WhatsApp. Sales and marketing campaigns benefit significantly from the use of WhatsApp. It’s also possible to utilize your vast network by sharing material. To avoid being seen as spam by your contacts, it is essential to remember that sharing is a two-way street and should not be seen as such.

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