Tech Industry Leaders and Leaders Launch Game Design Certificate Program at Cal State East Bay

OAKLAND, California, March 23, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Gameheads, a Oaklandbased on a technical training program, has partnered with Unity, Facebook’s Oculus and Niantic to launch a game design certificate program at East Bay of Cal State through the art department and the continuing education department of the university.

“Reaching more students of color with industry standard technology education opportunities to meet them where they are has been Gameheads goal from day one,” said Damon packwood, Executive Director of Gameheads. “This certificate program is a game-changer by removing barriers in the technology industry that our students have faced for too long, and it is possible thanks to industry leaders like Oculus, Unity and Niantic. We thank them for helping to create true diversity in technology. ”

The program will help students of color and low-income students reduce tuition, graduate early, and provide them with standard academic and industry training in video game design and extended reality. Students will receive academic extension credit at East Bay of Cal State through courses co-taught by professionals and volunteers from sponsoring organizations.

“Providing underrepresented students with the tools to learn real-time 3D, and the economic opportunities that come with these skills, is directly in line with Unity Social Impact’s mission,” said Jessica lindl, vice president of social impact, Unity. “We know that technical skills are required for the jobs of today and even more for the jobs of tomorrow. We are thrilled to partner with this group of industry leaders to give young people a solid foundation for their careers. ”

Launched in spring 2021, students will receive academic and industrial technology training through three key courses:

  • Introduction to the unit (sponsored by Unity): Students will design a complete game in Unity, the world’s leading platform for the creation and exploitation of Real-Time Interactive 3D (RT3D) content, and explore the cultural impacts of video games on society.
  • Introduction to augmented reality (sponsored by Niantic): Students will learn how to use Unity’s AR Foundation technology to build apps for the iOS and Android platforms and explore how different technologies came together to launch the concepts of virtual and augmented reality into mainstream consciousness.
  • Introduction to virtual reality (sponsored by Facebook’s Oculus): Students will learn how to design, develop and deploy a VR application as well as optimization and testing, user interaction and go-to-market strategy.

The program offers interested students the opportunity to access the type of education and skills development offered by the Gameheads: Classic program with less time and will be open to eligible students aged 15 to 25 who apply through the app. Gameheads. With support from Unity, Facebook’s Oculus, and Niantic, Gameheads will cover all costs for course credits.

“We are delighted to extend our partnership with Gameheads this year and honored to be part of its certificate program,” said Paula cuneo, Director of Diversity and Inclusion Marketing at Facebook’s Oculus. “We understand the endless possibilities that virtual reality presents as an emerging technology and believe that access to education and resources should also be unlimited. By educating the future leaders of tomorrow, we are diversifying our AR / VR ecosystem and providing them with opportunities in the tech industry and beyond. “

All of Gameheads’ programming seeks to challenge the traditional video game program to make room for diverse talent and bold new voices. Gameheads has found a strong partner in East Bay of Cal State as one of the most diverse public institutions in the United States, committed to advancing regional engagement through its academic programs and leadership.

“We are delighted to partner with Gameheads, an innovative regional partner, to broaden student pathways to graduation and career exploration,” said Kate Blanche, director of continuing education, East Bay of Cal State. “The partnership was natural because of our shared commitment to providing educational opportunities to a diverse student body. This certificate program will enable our students to succeed in a growing field, and we are proud to be a part of their journey. ”

This program is a continuation of Gameheads’ partnership with industry leaders to increase the number of black students, students of color and students from low-income communities in the industry pipeline. technology by providing the education and employment opportunities they need to build successful and flourishing careers. in video game design, interactive media and mixed media.

“I am delighted to be working with Damon to create a flexible and innovative career path that can be started and left at many different times. We are now able to offer a full game design diploma as well as a certificate that embraces industry standards and practices and connects our students to the vibrant Bay Area gaming industry, ”said Ian pollock, art teacher at East Bay of Cal State.

We know there is talent all over the world that has not been seen. We know that communities of color are at the epicenter of some of the world’s most fabulous creations. More often than not, the gap between one culturally diverse organization and another is accessibility and investment. Niantic’s partnership with Gameheads is a step towards bridging this gap. “Being diverse and inclusive goes way beyond quotas and events. It’s about being reflected in the games you play. It’s about being celebrated where you work. It is about fighting systemic inequalities. Making all of this a reality in the world we live in takes time and attention. It’s not a sprint. It’s not a marathon either. Trinidad Hermida, Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Niantic.

Eligible students aged 15 to 25 must apply using the Application of the Gameheads program and indicate that they are interested in the game design certificate program at East Bay of Cal State.

Gameheads is a OaklandTechnology training program based on video game design, development and DevOps to develop diverse talents and bold new voices, train young people (ages 11-25) in the tech ecosystem and prepare them for the university, career and civic life. Gameheads participants learn how to create, code and design games, developing skills in a variety of disciplines ranging from visual arts to creative writing, design, programming, sound design, animation, game theory and history. For more information:

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