Superstar game developer Yu Suzuki is creating his next game exclusively for Apple Arcade

One of Japan’s most revered game developers, Yu Suzuki, is creating his next game for Apple’s mobile gaming subscription service, Apple Arcade.

Superstar game developer Yu Suzuki creates his next game, “Air Twister”, exclusively for Apple Arcade

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Stephen Totilo for Axios:

Suzuki and his team’s game is called air tornado and features a warrior-princess who flies through fantastical environments to zap aerial enemies.

It’s an arcade-style throwback to Suzuki’s early works, specifically the mid-’80s Space Harrier shoot-em-up.

It is credited as coming from YS-Net, Suzuki’s independent development company.

Suzuki is an industry pioneer and Hall of Famer. Beginning in the mid-1980s, he oversaw the development of dozens of acclaimed games, including after the burner, virtual fighterand Shen Mueall for the iconic Japanese publisher Sega during its rivalry with Nintendo.

Taken from MacDailyNews: air tornado is slated for release on June 24. It’s a great move for Apple Arcade!

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