SKT and SK Square invest W50b in metaverse game maker

Haegin’s Play Together (SKT)

SK Group telecom operator SK Telecom and investment unit SK Square invest 50 billion won ($39 million) in game maker Haegin to bolster its competitiveness in the AI ​​and metaverse service , the companies announced on Friday.

With each a contribution of 25 billion won, the two ICT subsidiaries of the SK group will become Haegin’s third largest shareholder.

Haegin, a game company established in 2017 by Lee Young-il, has launched four games globally, such as Play Together, a Korean version of Roblox. Play Together allows users to program and play games created by other users. Haegin has raised over 100 billion won in funding.

SK Telecom and SK Square said such an investment is part of their plan to ensure companies’ future competitiveness in emerging platform sectors such as “AI-Verse”, a combination of artificial intelligence and metaverse.

SKT said it will cooperate closely with Haegin to upgrade game content with an immersive setup through devices and technology. The company aims to expand the concept of the “multiverse” by sharing spaces and avatars with Haegin, as well as releasing digital assets that can be used on their two metaverse platforms.

“Our collaboration with a global game company will be a great boost for SKT’s global market penetration with AI-Verse, as well as strengthen the competitiveness of our services,” said Lee Hyun-ah, Director at SKT. AI&CO.

“SK Square will seek to secure its leadership in the era of Web 3.0 by investing in the next platform business,” said Ryu Byung-hoon, General Manager of SK Square.

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