Pixicade ™ The new video game maker brings art to life!

By fueling creativity, BitOGenius’ incredible interactive app experience helps inspire video game design and play

NEW YORK, January 28, 2021 / PRNewswire / – BitOGenius, Inc., a revolutionary technology company, has amazed toy industry insiders by creating a product that makes learning how to develop amazing video games fun, fast, and easy. Draw, take photos and play with the exciting new video game design system -Pixicade ™! With a focus on exciting STEAM toys, BitOGenius announces its latest activity that turns art into original playable video games. Games come to life in under 30 seconds and can then be shared with others. Created by game design experts and educators, the award-winning Pixicade kit offers a unique open play model, both physical and digital! It offers distinctive gaming experiences for ages 6 and up, allowing individuals to both share their games and play with others. Creating your own video games is epic!

Fueling creativity, Pixicade inspires video game design and positive gaming!

“With our patent pending technology, we allow creators to draw or take objects like stickers or candy and turn them into awesome experiences on any white surface,” said Alysha horstman, CCO of BitOGenius. “We are delighted to share Pixicade ™ which combines incredible art activities with quirky and creative online games. “” We are redefining the way people play! “

The Pixicade ™ kit includes specially created markers, 3 books and 2 QR codes to unlock the app, with up to 1600 games to use on iOS and Android devices. The interactive books teach game design and contain over 100 sample games and 30 learning activities. 7 game types, including one-on-one and one-on-one, teach a variety of skills including problem solving, rapid prototyping, and logic. Bonuses and editing features allow players to repair, modify and improve their games while playing. Pixicade ™ encourages players to use their imaginations and become creators.

Currently, Pixicade ™ is available on www.Pixicade.com and Amazon.com for less $ 30.

Visit www.pixicade.com, facebook.com/pixicade, twitter.com/pixicade, and Instagram.com/Pixicade.

About BitOGenius ™

New York-based BitOGenius, Inc. is a global leader in EdTech and video game design. Directed by Alysha and Martin Horstman, the BitOGenius ™ team is made up of educators, entrepreneurs and technical experts passionate about games, technology and education. As a pioneer in video game design, they have won numerous awards for their revolutionary game, DoodleMatic.


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