Pixel Game Maker MV will soon add support for Nintendo Switch

Those who played with Pixel Game Maker MV will eventually be allowed to release their creations on the Nintendo Switch. The software has received a new update on Steam which allows users to deploy a Nintendo Switch version of the created game. Applications for listing games for sale on the Switch will be opened at a later date. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

According to patch notes on Steam, users can access the “1.0.5-switch” branch from the Beta tab to access the Switch support update. This branch has a faster build output and also allows to generate a build that runs at 30 fps.

Although version 1.0.4 remains the default branch of the software, Switch support for the branch, along with the older branch 1.0.3, will also be added later. The setting items to actually build the Nintendo Switch version are still locked at this time; they will be available “as soon as they are ready”.

Pixel Game Maker MValso known in Japan as MV Action Game Creator, is a 2D action game development software immediately available on PC. An independent publication competition using the software had also been organized previously with the Game Development Challenge jam which ran from October 2019 to March 2020.

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