Pixel Game Maker MV users will soon be able to publish games to Nintendo Switch

Playism and Kadokawa Corporation announced (via 4Games, To smoke) this Pixel Game Maker MV creators will be able to publish their games on Nintendo Switch.

The do-it-yourself game creation engine that uses pixel art will allow users to apply to have their games released on Nintendo Switch, but in a later update. Apparently, the whole process of applying to register games for sale on Nintendo Switch is coming soon.

Apparently, a new update has already been rolled out in beta for Steam users. You can upgrade to beta 1.0.5 on Steam, which allows creators to build their games even faster than before, and with games locked at 30 FPS. The new Switch release support as well as faster builds will be available in the current major version 1.0.4, as well as the older version 1.0.3.

Pixel Game Maker MV has been available in its full version since September last year for Windows PC (via To smoke). The development suite is also available as a standalone game engine in Japan, known as MV action game creator.

Here is an overview of the game:

Pixel Game Maker MV—the last entry in the Maker series—allows you to easily create action games, where the only limit is your imagination.

Pixel Game Maker MV lets you create your own action game without any programming knowledge. This engine was designed with the idea of ​​giving voice to people’s passions, allowing them to freely express the game they had in their hearts. Create the game you want to play now!

Using just six tools, you can create the game of your dreams!

  1. Resources – Prepare and organize the image elements required for your game
  2. Floor tile – Create “tiles” needed to create map fields
  3. Objects – Provide characters and items with various gadgets
  4. Animation – Animate and enrich your graphics
  5. Scenes – Build scenes using tiles and objects
  6. Transition – Connect scenes to shape your games

Main characteristics

  • An easy-to-use visual scripting system – No programming required – Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned developer, Pixel Game Maker MV offers a flexible game creation system, allowing you to plan, create and build an exciting game using the intuitive visual scripting system.
  • Four-player support right out of the box – You can create your own multiplayer games with Pixel Game Maker MV without any additional programming or plugins needed. Create a cooperative or competitive local game between up to four players.
  • Customize your game further with JavaScriptPixel Game Maker MV supports using JavaScript to create plug-ins and perform actions not available in the Visual Scripting system. This allows you to create and customize your game without restriction.
  • Create endless fun with “Multi-Viewpoint / Multi-Versus” – Allows both top and side views, combine this with the multiplayer feature to take your game to a whole new level. Works with any genre, so the games you can create are only limited by your imagination!
  • A simple way to create rich and beautiful game graphics – Using graphics import feature, physics engine, particle effects and multiple layer combination, you can create your own ideal game exactly the way you want, easily and hassle-free.
  • Allows functional extension – You can use JavaScript to expand and complement pre-existing functionality. Master the use of these extended functions and add-ons to create even more complex and beautiful games!

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