Online slot distributor 3 Oaks and game developer Red Rake move into new offices

The world of work is settling into a new normal after the global health emergency and the subsequent evolution of work mechanisms. Many workers have decided to forego commuting to the office, preferring to continue working remotely.

While the pandemic has been tough on everyone, some companies have suffered less, and a lot, especially in the remote gaming industry. really benefited of increased online commerce as land-based casinos were closed and became a little less appealing due to restrictions when they finally managed to open.

Today we are going to take a brief look at two companies with very different DNA but who are the two open and fill new offices in their respective jurisdictions in hopes of attracting and retaining the talent and expertise they need to compete in the multi-billion dollar online gaming industry.

These firms are Game of 3 oaks which is growing rapidly in the Isle of Man, working closely with a sort of business incubator, and Red rake gamea thriving decade-and-a-half-old company that decided to upgrade its local facilities in Valencia, Spain to increase its physical presence in Malta, where it holds a master license.

They are two very different stories, but both seem to contain all the necessary ingredients for a successful transition to new heights in the ever-changing high-tech world of remote real-money gaming.

Game of 3 oaks

3 Oaks Gaming was recently granted a provider license by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission and the company has chosen this location as a base to accelerate its expansion plans into other markets and jurisdictions.

The company burst onto the scene in January 2022 with a team of industry veterans and a decent portfolio of existing games.

Sebastian Damian, Managing Director of 3 Oaks Gaming, said:The Isle of Man is a thriving hub for industry, and we are proud to anchor our operations there and call the island home. This new office space marks the beginning of what will be a prosperous journey for us and for which we have laid the foundations for success..”

The company has used all the resources at its disposal wisely, including a partnership with Digital Isle of Man, an executive agency within the government that operates as a public/private partnership to support IOM’s technology sector.

Chris Reilly, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Digital Isle of Man, commented: “It is a great show of faith when businesses put down roots on the island and we are very pleased to welcome 3 Oaks’ commitment to the Isle of Man through the opening of their new office..”

Red rake game

Red Rake has been creating fun and innovative games since 2011 and recently moved into new purpose-built offices in their hometown of Valencia. According to a press release from the game’s developer, the company has capitalized on the shift to remote working over the past two years, which has resulted in its: “…move and create a new office adapted to its current situation and its workforce, and in order to best promote communication and collaboration between its teams.”

Red Rake’s simple description of new installations sounds like a workplace made in heaven including a major emphasis on comfort at work, large kitchen areas and a Neon Pac-Man machine. He talks about glass-enclosed meeting rooms that are free from outside noise, private office cubicles where phone calls can be made away from others, environments for corporate celebrations, and many other creative process enhancements with great shared spaces where: “…graphic designers, animators, developers and systems and marketing teams come together,” with shared objectives and common goals.

Carlos Fernández, Managing Director of Red Rake Gaming said:We are delighted to continue to welcome new collaborators and to create new offices. Now physically present in Valencia and Malta, we believe it is important for us to maintain our local visibility, in order to continue to serve our customers and play a greater role in the markets in the process. Talent acquisition is key to our success, and we believe that creating facilities that our people feel comfortable in is absolutely essential to nurturing that talent and helping it reach its full potential. potential..”

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3 Oaks Gaming opens Isle of Man office ahead of global expansion, EU Gaming News, May 03, 2022

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