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The Nintendo live This night allowed us to see many matches in action. There was one of these Bayonetta3Platinum is the most anticipated action game in the game, which has long since “disappeared from the radar”. Launch the game 2022.

The caravan sinks as soldiers fight a giant monster. However, the situation is resolved by the arrival of heroine 3 from Bayonetta. The warrior returns with a slightly different look than in the past: this time, she will have long braids. The Trailer game It shows us an animated war of thirds based on combinations, special powers, and recession (right after deception, of course). The protagonist can control even the biggest creatures to fight on par with the biggest monsters in the game. Of course, the whole thing is very epic.

Bayonetta 3 finally revealed itself after many years. The game was launched Announced in 2017 But he remains in radio silence to this day. Shown is the first gameplay trailer for the Platinum Games game. Fans of the history of the saga probably don’t really need confirmation on the type of game, but they do need to be assured of the health of the game. Now we know that next year is coming – we hope there will be no delay. Additionally, we hope to find a more specific release date soon. He can only wait for new communications from Nintendo or Platinum games.

Tell us what you think New presentation of Bayonetta 3? Does this sound exactly what you expected?

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