Minkah Fitzpatrick’s ‘talent for finding football’ is key to late-game play against Ravens, says Cam Sutton

At the end of Sunday’s regular season final between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens, Steelers star safety Minkah Fitzpatrick quietly got in the game.

With 31 seconds left and the ball on the Baltimore 30-yard line, Ravens quarterback Tyler Huntley threw a sideline at what appeared to be a Marquise Brown wide open along the sideline in front. the bench of the Ravens. Instead of finishing 21 yards giving the Ravens a first and 10 on the Steelers 49-yard line with 25 seconds left and two timeouts remaining, while employing world kicker Justin Tucker, Fitzpatrick managed to make a play.

Fitzpatrick did a great job coming in from midfield all the way to the touchline, landing the wood to Brown along the touchline while still getting a perfect hand on the ball at the point of contact to hit the ball. shockingly. This game ultimately saved an explosive game for the Ravens and, in the end, saved the game for the Steelers, who knocked their ticket to the AFC playoffs, staging a Wild Card Round game against the Kansas City Chiefs. Next Sunday night at Arrowhead Stadium once again.

On Monday, Steelers cornerback Cameron Sutton – who had a crucial interception in the end zone against the Ravens on Sunday – was asked several times about Fitzpatrick’s play. In addition to crediting Fitzpatrick with being an incredible player, Sutton credited Fitzpatrick’s talent for finding football in the big places.

“Yeah, obviously… just a cover two type look. Minkah did a great job of dressing up and moving around, you know, playing with his roster and everything, giving [Tyler] Huntley different things to watch, and it’s awesome, ”Sutton told reporters on Monday, according to the video via Steelers.com. “Any great defender, you just want to move. You just obviously want to give quarters different things and different covers to look at. Obviously, Mink being visual, obviously knowing and understanding his role within the defense which allows him to get where he needs to be.

“He’s a touch-to-touch player. He has a great knack for finding the ball in the air, ”added Sutton. “You see in the game too, he does a great job of not only locating the ball but also finding Hollywood on the sidelines, following it on the sidelines and being able to finish it on the sidelines as well.”

Much of the game was live-frozen as the Ravens still had plenty of time and downtime at their disposal to enter the shooting range. A full day taken out of the game though, and this game serves as a pivot in the grand scheme of things. Although he doesn’t have the turnovers he once had at Pittsburgh, Fitzpatrick remains an elite-level security, covering a lot of issues for the Steelers at the back.

Sutton sees him every day and praised Fitzpatrick after discussing the game, calling the All-Pro safety a great leader and very detailed in his week-to-week studies, allowing him to succeed between the white lines.

“Obviously he’s just a playmaker. Overall it’s just who he is, a guy who knows the game really well and studies the game,” Sutton said. “Very detailed in his study, very detailed and precise in his playing. It’s always great to have guys like that, a guy like that behind you, to be in places he’s supposed to be, to grab and to see things the same way you see your corners or the guys in front of him.

“The guy already has a knack for the ball, making plays when the balls are in the air. He is obviously a great dynamic player. He’s going to be there for a long time. He is really special though.

If the Steelers are to advance into the AFC playoffs with a win over the Chiefs, the Steelers will need Fitzpatrick to be special again, this time against a dynamic offense from the Chiefs.

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