Incredible Dream Studio is a new tabletop game maker founded by the former CEO of Riot Games

A new tabletop games studio has been started by one of the key people behind the hit Arcane series. Incredible Dream Studios, founded by Jane Chung Hoffacker, is a new board game studio aiming to produce Kinfire Chronicles, a cooperative role-playing game in which players take control of adventurers who attempt to save their city from a mysterious threat. global. Chung Hoffacker raised over $ 2 million in funding for his new business and enlisted several big names in the gaming industry to help him grow it.

Chung Hoffacker was previously the General Manager of the Animation Department at Riot Games and was a key figure in Arcane, the hit Netflix series featuring characters from League of Legends. She helped set up the show’s writers room and guided it through the green light process, but left with season one nearing completion to launch Incredible Games Studios.

Chung Hoffacker told VentureBeat that one of the goals of the company is to make the time players spend together more meaningful. “We managed to get a lot of triple A playing talent,” said Chung Hoffacker. “And we’re all here to play board games. Part of the reason is that we see gaming as a way of life that isn’t just limited to screens and video games. And we see an opportunity with, as we move towards the metaverse and online presence, how we spend less time together in person. And I think the result is that the few moments that we have together in person are going to become a lot more meaningful to us. “

Incredible Dream Studio was co-founded by Tucker Roberts, president of Comcast’s Spectacor Gaming division, and entrepreneur Jamie Seltzer, in addition to Chung Hoffacker. Chris Butler, the former director of engineering at Riot Games, is part of the studio team, as is Kevin Wilson, the director of the game designer.

Chris Butler, CTO of the company, was previously Director of Engineering at Riot Games and co-founder of Riot Games, St Louis. He has been a key figure in the development of the League of Legends platform. Kevin Wilson (co-creator of A Game of Thrones: The Board Game and Arkham Horror Second Edition), Kate Redesiuk (artistic director), Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz and Jakub Szamalek (narrative consultants) and Adela Kapuscinska (game designer) are among the others. Actress Felicia Day and former TNT Network CEO Kevin Reilly are among the advisers.


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