Hogwarts Legacy Fans Check Out a New Gameplay Mechanic

The new Hogwarts mechanic is unveiled by the developer and some die-hard fans.

If you’ve been following Hogwarts for a while, you’ll probably feel like this is all a bit of a mystery. While we’ve had game states and gameplay videos, the full picture isn’t quite there yet.

Luckily, keen-eyed fans linked a recently posted Instagram video to another old video to show off a potential gameplay mechanic.

Massively influential empathetic fans have been angry at the possible new virtual mechanic, but some are in fury over the PlayStation-exclusive Hogwarts series.


  • What is the Old Hogwarts Legacy Mechanism?
  • Unauthorized Hogwarts guide explained.
    • What does a valid Hogwarts guide do?
  • Can you play magic anywhere in Hogwarts Legacy?

What is the new Hogwarts Legacy mechanic?

In a recent Instagram post shared on the Hogwarts Legacy Facebook page, a book titled An Unauthorized Guide to Hogwarts was revealed.

In this post, two video clips were attached to each broadcast showing that the student had discovered something in the living room.

On top of that, many believe that the Unauthorized Hogwarts Guide is used to uncover secrets or create records.

A free guide to Hogwarts explained.

The Unauthorized Hogwarts Guide appears to be an item used to find hidden secrets hidden within the Hogwarts Legacy.

This isn’t the first time the Unauthorized Guide to Hogwarts has appeared. As Reddit users were quick to point out, the book appeared in promising condition earlier this year.

You can read HarryPotterGame’s unreleased guide – How to Collect a Gun in SoP (8:16-20).

What does the Unauthorized Hogwarts Guide do?

Although it’s still unclear, based on the various gameplay reveals, it’s possible to use the Unauthorized Guide to Hogwarts as a means of obtaining or solving secrets.

For example, the book is shown multiple times in the original Hogwarts in-game state. As of 8:11, there are more talent trees available.

Shortly after, the player heads to the fountain to find a hidden scroll and quill. They open the book and press the parchment.

These fans have speculated that you will collect pages scattered across Hogwarts using this book. You can then use the information collected to solve puzzles that will reveal even more hidden secrets.

Some have even speculated that it could be one of the many Hogwarts’ Legacy pre-order bonuses available.

It remains to be confirmed if this is its function. Nevertheless, it seems much more likely, especially in the context of video sharing.

Could you play Magic anywhere in Hogwarts Legacy?

Another mechanic spotted by players seems to confirm that players can cast magic anywhere in Hogwarts Legacy.

During one of the Instagram videos above, students are seen using a magic spell towards the Slytherin common room window overlooking the Black Lake.

It almost confirms that magic is done in the midst of combat, at least to some degree. Maybe players can only use it if they know how to play.

Common Room Secrets: Slytherin #HogwartsLegacy (new clip) pic.twitter.com/vliVDfpE1h.

Hogwarts Legacy News (@HogLegNews) September 27, 2022

However, you find it impossible to just spell useless students all the time. It won’t be Harry Potter GTA.

Until Hogwarts Legacy developer Avalanche Software confirms this new mechanic, be sure to take this information seriously.

The luck is that we have to wait for the Hogwarts Legacys release date to see what new mechanics are coming soon.

So until then, why not decide which house you should choose in Hogwarts Legacy so that you can’t get ready for the game with the game over?

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