Georgia State University creates new degree programs in game design and game development – Georgia State University news

ATLANTA — Georgia State University’s Creative Media Industries Institute (CMII) offers two new bachelor’s programs designed to prepare students for careers in the growing fields of game design and development.

The new degree programs – a Bachelor of Arts in Game Design and a Bachelor of Science in Game Development – were created through a collaboration between CMII and regional partners in the game development industry, including Georgia Film Academy.

“Our mission at CMIII is to educate, train and prepare students to become the next generation of digital storytellers through emerging technologies, and gaming is a key area we need to focus on,” said Brennen Dicker, director of the institute.

“With over 160 companies in Georgia, the gaming industry is poised to experience significant growth both regionally and nationally over the next decade,” Dicker said. “We are delighted to be able to offer these two unique study programs to CMII students who aspire to a career in gaming. The skills that students acquire in coding, animating and creating immersive worlds will be of great benefit to them. not only in the gaming industry, but also for additional careers in emerging entertainment technologies.

The Bachelor of Game Design focuses on preparing students for work in animation, television and film production, virtual special effects, and graphic design.

The BS in Game Development has a strong focus on programming skills and work in developing applications for social media platforms, website design, network security, and data analysis.

The State of Georgia has offered a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Video Game Design and Development since Fall 2015. This program will be phased out in favor of new BA and BS degrees.

The new offerings will provide more in-depth course options for students, allowing for greater specialization while fostering collaboration between students and faculty members focused on art and computing. Students will be able to declare new majors or take courses through the programs from July. One of the new courses features a partnership between CMII, Georgia Film Academy, and Skillshot, an esports company that hosts amateur and professional video game competitions.

With the global esports economy expected to cross the billion dollar threshold by 2020, Atlanta is recognized as one of the best cities in the United States for gamers and is widely recognized as the nation’s capital of the United States. esport, according to the Georgia Department of Economic Development. The department predicts that the state of Georgia will have 12,000 direct and indirect jobs in digital entertainment this year, with an estimated economic impact of $ 550 million.

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