Game Play Network to Explore B2C Expansion on Ziosk Platform

LOS ANGELES and DALLAS, October 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Game Play Network, Inc. (GPN), a licensed gaming company that offers its players the unparalleled ability to play casino-style games for real money in the vast majority of the United States. United, today announced a plan for a phased multi-program to expand distribution of, its B2C offering, through portable tablets and Ziosk’s cutting-edge technology. The plan calls for expanding the company’s footprint by placing portable gaming tablets in bars, hotel lounges, sports arenas and other high-traffic locations across the country.

“Our plan to leverage Ziosk’s tablets and technology would significantly accelerate the company’s brick-and-mortar strategic initiative,” said GPN Chief Strategy and CFO, Aaron Fischer. “Furthermore, it could generate significant revenue for our racing and gaming content providers, hosting sites, advertisers and other strategic partners, while creating substantial enterprise value for stakeholders in the GNP.”

Through the proposed phased program, Ziosk will integrate its tablet technology with GPN’s patented real-money gaming platform into Ziosk’s existing restaurant network and GPN-sourced locations to launch a unique new entertainment experience. . The Ziosk network is currently engaging with over 300M invited and finished 125M payments per year on 125,000 interactive screens in the best casual restaurants in the United States. Customers engage in ordering food and drink, enrolling in loyalty programs, watching entertainment and playing games.

“GPN’s iGaming platform, combined with the Ziosk omnichannel solution with integrated payments, creates a unique and exciting opportunity to entertain customers in restaurants, gyms, bars and entertainment venues,” said Shawn Gentryco-founder of Ziosk and vice president of strategic partnerships.

“We are excited about this opportunity to work with Ziosk given their extensive distribution network, which could offer our b spot players a new way to enjoy our patented real-money gaming experience in various entertainment environments,” said declared Sam Kiki, commercial director of GPN. “Our technology integration will strengthen our competitive advantage in the US gaming market.”

About Gaming Network:
Game Play Network, Inc. is a Los Angelesbased in iGaming with a patented software and technology platform that allows revealing real money bets on live horse racing in conjunction with casino-type games (e.g. slot machines). GPN is also a deposit betting company legally licensed to conduct Internet betting on horse racing under the Federal Interstate Horse Racing Act and applicable state laws. GPN conducts its B2C business through and also allows third-party brands to offer real-money mobile casino games in states where other forms of iGaming are not legal. The company operates in 22 states with the ability to launch in up to 40 states. For more information, visit

About Ziosk:
Situated at dallas, Ziosk is the leading technology platform for the restaurant industry that drives customer engagement for restaurants. The Ziosk platform is an omnichannel suite of cloud-based products that deliver safe, secure, and contactless dining experiences and data insights to grow a restaurant’s revenue and bottom line. Originally known for the Ziosk Original tabletop tablet, the Ziosk platform offers a multitude of form factors, all designed to bring convenience, security and operational efficiency to their restaurant partners. Ziosk drives customer engagement and operational efficiency across all 50 states. For more information, please visit

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