VersusGame, a mobile gaming platform that empowers its current base of 20 million gamers to tap into their knowledge and predictions about pop culture, entertainment and sports, today announced a new partnership with Snapchat. This strategic partnership will give VersusGame expanded reach and access to Snapchat’s audience of over 293 million daily users. Additionally, Snapchat users will now have easier access to the more than $17 million already awarded through the VersusGame platform.

“We are thrilled about this partnership with Snapchat. VersusGame is first in the pop culture game and Snapchat is number one with millennials by representing one of the top three apps in the world,” said John Vitti , CEO of VersusGame. “This collaboration couldn’t be more perfect, and we’re thrilled to welcome Snapchat to the VersusGame family!”

Snapchat, also known as Snap Inc, was founded in 2011 by Evan Spiegel , Reggie Brown and Bobby Murphy while the students of Stanford University . A visual social media platform where users have the ability to share ephemeral photos and videos, it has become a social media giant boasting 23% growth every year.

Some of the unique benefits of this partnership include…

Snapchat users will be able to play games without leaving the app.
Once users are away from an app, they often get distracted and it can take a while to get back. Not to mention the different advertisements created to attract users to different sites. It’s proven more lucrative for developers to find unique ways to keep their employees glued to their app for a richer engagement experience.

Snap users can create games and share them with their Snap community.
It is important for apps to stay up to date with upcoming trends. An important trend is “win to play”. With the ability to create games and share them, the Snap community will be able to monetize their content using VersusGame. This softens the appeal of the app. Who doesn’t want to earn money while staying connected to VersusGame via Snapchat!

Snap users can connect directly to pop culture and all things entertainment.
Along with millennials, pop culture and today’s biggest celebrities are the main attractions when it comes to social apps and games. VersusGame has proven this to be true with many celebrities currently using the number one predictions app such as; Jason Derulo, Kevin Hart , Noah Beck , David Dobrik Sway House, and brown scooter to name a few. Along with the app’s celebrity power, this new partnership will allow Snapchat users to be on the same platform and have direct access to some of the artists they love. Not to mention the ability to keep up to date and predict the outcome of popular events like MTV Music Awards, Crypto and NFT games/trends, VMAs, NBA games, and more.

The Snapchat partnership with VersusGame will launch immediately. Join the movement by downloading the VersusGame Predict and Win! app now. It’s simple. You can earn money by predicting pop culture, sporting events or entertainment. With 20 million players, and $17 million given on this day, people are getting addicted to the fun!

About VersusGame . ( )
VersusGame is a global entertainment pop culture game app where it allows users to put money on hot topics about pop culture, sports, entertainment, food, etc. It’s the world’s number one prediction app that levels the playing field by allowing consumers to capitalize on their knowledge of the dominant culture. Since launching in 2019, VersusGame has continued to grow exponentially, with over $17 million given and 20 million current players.

About Snapchat. ( )
Snapchat is a popular social app that lets people express themselves, live in the moment, explore the world, and have fun together. Users can share photos and videos that are supposed to disappear after viewing. It’s one of the easiest and fastest ways to communicate the full range of human emotions with friends without the pressure to be popular, pretty, or perfect. Since coming onto the scene in 2011, it has continued to experience substantial growth.

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