Game Developer’s Playlist: Phantasy Star Online with Fred Horgan | podcast

The Principal Ideation Designer at Bossa Studios explains how the first console MMO shaped his understanding of social gaming

The latest episode of The Game Developer’s Playlist is now available for download.

This special series from The podcast talks to developers about the titles that have influenced their careers.

This time we have Fred Horgan, Senior Ideation Designer at Bossa Studios, here to discuss how Sega’s 2000 online console RPG shaped its understanding of social and cooperative gameplay.

Horgan talks about his experiences playing with friends and how the unique design elements of Phantasy Star Online inspired him to think differently about how players meet in virtual spaces and what kinds of challenges will encourage work team rather than competition.

Game Developer’s Playlist is an extension of a series we run on the site called Why I Love, in which developers explore their favorite games. You can find these articles here.

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