Game Developer -Total War: WARHAMMER III is coming to Mac on May 5

The Mac version is expected to launch tomorrow.

SEGA Europe Ltd, The Creative Assembly Ltd.and Feral Interactive are proud to announce the release of Total War: WARHAMMER III for macOS on May 5. A game of stunning proportions that marks a new evolution for the beloved Total War franchise, WARHAMMER III is based on the acclaimed tabletop wargame Warhammer Fantasy Battle from Games Workshop.

WARHAMMER III plunges players into a cataclysmic power struggle between mortals and demons, each aiming to save or harness the power of a dying god. With seven diverse playable races – including the video game debuts of Grand Cathay and Kislev – plus groundbreaking new features such as the Realm of Chaos campaign, eight-player multiplayer and the customizable RPG-like Daemon Prince Legendary Lord.

Alongside these lands is the Prologue campaign, a new Total War experience, perfect for new players and those who need a refresher course in game mechanics. In this mode, players will learn the techniques of General’s base and advances and will engage in a narrative experience that will lead into the main campaign.

This first macOS version of Total War: WARHAMMER III requires Apple Silicon. The game is officially supported on all Macs with an Apple M1 or better chip, as listed in the game’s system requirements:

Operating system: macOS 12.0.1

Processor: Apple M1 (8-core processor) or better


Graphics: Apple M1 (7-core GPU) or better

Storage: 125 GB

For more information on Total War: WARHAMMER III, visit the Total War FAQ. Buy directly from the developers in the Total War: WARHAMMER III or Steam store.

About Feral Interactive

Feral Interactive is a leading game developer and publisher for macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch and Windows platforms, founded in 1996 and based in London, England. He is responsible for hits such as Alien: Isolation for iOS, Android, macOS, Linux and Nintendo Switch, GRID Autosport for iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch, ROME: Total War, Tropico, Company of Heroes, XCOM 2 Collection and Total War: MEDIEVAL II for iOS and Android, Life is Strange 2, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Total War: THREE KINGDOMS, XCOM 2, Company of Heroes 2 and Total War: Warhammer I and II for macOS and Linux. Feral Interactive also developed the Windows version of Total War: ROME REMASTERED and published the title on macOS and Linux. Visit the Feral Interactive site and find us on Twitter or Facebook. On The Creative Assembly Ltd.

The Creative Assembly Ltd. is part of Europe major game development studios, founded in 1987 and located in West Sussex, United Kingdom and in Sofia, Bulgaria. With an award-winning legacy AAA titles, including the multimillion-selling Total War series, creative assembly continues to build an impressive portfolio of world-class games and partnerships; work with Games Workshop on Total War: WARHAMMER, twentieth century fox on Alien: Isolation, plus 343 Industries and Microsoft on Halo Wars 2. creative assembly has, with its exceptionally talented team of over 700 people, amassed a host of awards, including multiple Best Place to Work awards and recent accolades from BAFTA, Music + Sound and Develop’s Industry Excellence Awards. About Total War

With over 37.8 million copies sold, Total War is one of the most established and critically acclaimed gaming series. A drive for historical authenticity and superb game quality have helped make the franchise one of the most successful PC games of all time. Besides the basic historical games, the Total War series has expanded to include free-to-play mobile (Total War Battles: KINGDOM), fantasy epics (Total War: WARHAMMER), and historical snapshots (Total War Saga: THRONES OF BRITANNIA) . About SEGA Europe Limited

SEGA Europe Limited is the European distribution arm of Tokyo, Japan-based SEGA CORPORATION, and a global leader in interactive entertainment inside and outside the home. The company develops and distributes interactive entertainment software for a variety of hardware platforms, including PCs, wireless devices and those manufactured by Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe. SEGA owns 100% of the video game development studios Two Point Studios, creative assembly, Relic Entertainment, Amplitude StudiosSports Interactive and HARDlight. SEGA Europe website is located at Games Workshop

Games Workshop Group PLC (LSE:GAW.L), based in Nottingham, United Kingdomproduces the best fantasy figurines in the world. Games Workshop designs, manufactures, sells and distributes its range of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40,000 games, miniatures, novels and models through over 523 of its own (Warhammer-branded) stores, the online store and independent retail channels in over 50 countries around the world. More information on Games Workshop and its other related brands and product lines (including our “Black Library” publishing division and our special “Forge World” resin miniatures studio) are available at

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