Game Developer – Japanese game company Aiming Inc is expanding its Taiwan Game Art division with a new office in Taichung, Taiwan

Game Developer –Japanese game company Aiming Inc widens its Taiwan game art division with a new office in Taichung, Taiwan.

The mobile game specialist continues its expansion in Taichung.

The mobile game market has grown steadily in recent years, and not only does gaming require continuous innovation, but game graphics are also becoming more complex. In order to develop its art outsourcing activity, Aim Inc. Taiwan Branch opened a new game art studio in Taichung.

Aiming & Artists is a game art studio established by the Taiwan branch of the Japanese game company, Aim Inc. The studio creates amazing game artwork for clients of Japan and across the world. With a long experience gained through cooperation with the head office, the team is a veteran of designing visual arts welcomed by local and international players in Japan. A&A not only creates 2D, 3D, action and special effects game illustrations, but also uses its expertise to help clients in the early stages of their game development projects by offering UI/UX design.

To support the booming gaming market, Aim Inc. opened a new branch in Taichung, Taiwan, which was officially opened on August 5, 2022. With several open positions, the company hopes to attract the attention of local artists capable of creating stunning works of art for local and international clients.

?Aim Inc.Taiwan branches:

1)	Taipei Office

Established:February 26, 2012

Location: No. 8, Sec. seven, Minzu Avenue, Nangang County, taipei

2)	Taichung Office

Established:August 5, 2022

Location: 5F-2, No. 130, East Park Road, East districtTaichung, Taiwan

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