Game Developer Calls Series S “Potato” Following Critics

Just a few days ago, the new debate in the gaming industry erupted when Gotham Knights Creator WB Montreal Games announced that the game would only work at 30 pictures per second on PlayStation 5 and Xbox series S and X. Producer Fleur Marty later clarified the decision in a post about the Gotham Knights official Discord channel.

I know many of you are wondering about the availability of a performance mode for Gotham Knights on consoles. Because of the kinds of features we have in our game, like providing a fully self-contained co-op experience in our highly detailed open world, it’s not as simple as lowering the resolution and getting a higher FPS. For this reason, our game has no performance/quality toggle option and will run at 30FPS on consoles.

-Flower Marty

Fan responses, meanwhile, ranged from severe displeasure to open fury. After all, Gotham Knights was originally intended to be played on previous generation consoles. The game’s current status as a next-gen exclusive was insufficient to warrant a Performance mode on the Xbox Series S and X and PlayStation 5.

Lead Technical Character Artist Lee Devonalda fellow developer from Rocksteady (the Batman: Arkham studio, which is also part of the WB Games group), tried to defend the creators from Gotham Knights with a series of tweets that only served to compound the problem. He pointed out that the Xbox Series S might be to blame because it’s not significantly superior to Xbox One consoles.

I wish players understood what 60fps means in terms of all the things they *lose* to run the game that fast. Especially considering that we have a current-gen console that’s not much better than a last-gen console. Mainly S-series GPUs. Cross-platform games should always be optimized for underperformers.

The Series S does exist, however, and Microsoft won’t let you launch one without the other. A whole generation of games, paralyzed by this potato.

-Lee Devonald

Undoubtedly, Devonald’s remarks caused even more resentment. He had to delete his entire Twitter account in addition to the tweets. In fact, it’s not even close to being the first developer to publicly criticize the Xbox Series S system. Billy KhanSenior Engine Programmer at Identification softwareraised two issues: much less RAM and split memory banks.

It is unknown if WB Games Montreal will be able to use these improvements in time for the release of Gotham Knights. In a later patch, the studio may provide a performance mode or, at the very least, enable framerate unlocking for users with a variable refresh rate (VRR) screens.

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