Free and fun games from one of the best game makers: Rachel Lopez Recharge

His name is Benjamin Croshaw, better known as Ben and even better known by his nickname Yahtzee. Fans know Yahtzee as the man who developed video games, wrote four sci-fi novels, perused Zero Punctuation game reviews at Escapist Magazine, and worked on two web series.

But if you’ve never heard of him before, know that Yahtzee is the gaming guy who fights commercial games (and demons in his head) while keeping you entertained. In May, he pledged to create 12 games in 12 months and to publish a video journal every fortnight on their development.

It’s enormous. Video games – from Angry Birds to Call of Duty – take months, sometimes years, to produce. And more and more, they are coming out of gigantic game companies, with promotional blitzes, complicated gameplay, unoriginal premises, and unnecessary additional purchases. The answers to these questions are equally loaded – critics make their career out of skilful diatribes; in the comment forums, the angry tirades last for months.

Yahtzee games are fast, light and free. Their pixelated animation will remind you of classics like Donkey Kong and Contra. But unlike either, hers are sly, subversively funny.

In Preflight Panic free game, you have to take care of each sneaky passenger and have them buckle up their seat belts before the flight takes off. There are increasing difficulty levels and hilarious gameplay. (Yahtze)

It started off with Preflight Panic, which only needs your Arrow and Enter keys to steer a flight attendant up and down a passenger aisle, buckling up stray seat belts during the countdown to the start. lift-off. How do you know who is defeated? They fidget in their seats. What if you don’t finish? The flight takes off and crashes with the message “You killed us all”. It starts out easy, with increasing difficulty levels.

Yahtzee can do more with less. His Zero Punctuation reviews have minimalist line art (and quick storytelling, hence the title).

Try his July game, Upbeat, in which a Michael-Jackson-in-Bille-Jean type character has to dance, jump, stomp and bounce on floating panels. The catch: his movements must synchronize with the background disco music. For players, whose hand-eye coordination has been refined for speed, this is surprisingly difficult. And unlearning and unfolding is its own reward.

In Upbeat, you control a Michael Jackson-like figure who must jump to higher platforms, not as fast as possible, but on a funky beat. For seasoned players, used to speed, it’s pretty tough. (Yahtze)

The life of Erich Zann has you playing the violin in tandem with war shells exploding on the horizon. The upcoming Hogpocalypse Sow will have a redneck farmer who shoots alongside two guns to kill matching colored wild pigs. I’m already sorry he didn’t name it Aporkalypse Sow.

Each of his Dev Diary videos offers a different reason why he took on such a challenge. One suggests that it is his doctor’s recommendation to prevent him from self-injuring. He still has eight games to go and I wish him the best – and better puns!

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