Frank Elizondo records a hole-in-one; team play continues | Calaveras County Sports

The excitement of playing a senior bogey points contest on July 25 was overwhelmed by the first hole-in-one of Frank Elizondo’s career. Groupies can be finicky and hadn’t noticed how handsome Frank was until he got that heartbreaking event on the 8th hole at La Contenta Golf Club in Valley Springs. Now they can’t get enough of him. Were they idolizing him or just happy to get a free drink? Only they know.

In the Red Tees Flight, George Dillon’s total score was so high for him that his golfing friends wondered if he had played a few extra holes to add to his point total (37) when he had taken the first. Red tee champion Rodger La Fleur had an unusually faulty putter on a hole that put him down to second place. Jon Foucault, who thrives on miracle shots, is tied for third with Ken Phillips, who seems to thrive in warm weather.

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