Everywhere Looks Like Another Push In Metaverse Game Design

Among the many games revealed and showcased at Gamescom this year, developer Build A Rocket Boy unveiled its first title Everywhere. According to Build A Rocket Boy, Everywhere The scope makes it more than just a traditional game, as it strives to be a socializing and gaming platform with unlimited potential for different styles and genres of play. Comparable to recent efforts to establish a metaverse for social media by industry giants like Meta, Everywhere seems to be attempting to extend that boundary to the gaming scene judging by its abstract but promising reveal at Gamescom.


While this might not be the first time developers have attempted to bring social media and gaming platforms together, with the likes of Second Life, VRChatand Horizon Worlds all being good examples of such attempts, Everywhere seems to want to go beyond. Based on its Gamecom storefront, Everywhere will have several different narratives for players that will cover a wide range of different playstyles, with snippets of footage showing races and even battle royale-like gameplay. But the vague comments Build A Rocket Boy made while promoting Everywhere left audiences wondering exactly what Everywhere will be.

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Getting technical, the idea of ​​a game metaverse is hard to pin down properly, but most would agree that a metaverse would be a digital space where users virtually exist, interact, and “live”. Additionally, these games often aim for true immersion, so that the digital space parallels real life as much as possible. This is why previous metaverse games such as second life and VRChat bear less of the hallmarks of a game and serve as online spaces in which users can “play” and exercise a level of autonomy over exactly how that game manifests.

In keeping with this traditional interpretation of metaverse games, some developers are pushing for immersive and seamless gaming experiences, as the following games are centered around VR functionality. Although VR’s better accessibility has helped make it more readily available to the general public, it still retains a high price tag that prevents some gamers from fully embracing it. Everywhere could definitely be an answer to that and a push back on the need for VR, similar to how VRChat doesn’t outright need VR to play, but encourages its use to maximize the experience.

Everywhere will be more like a game

Understand the type of experience Everywhere aims to provide is hard to discern from the scant footage seen when it was revealed. Various clips featured a wide range of playstyles, so players should look to Build A Rocket Boy’s pedigree instead to get an idea of ​​what to expect properly. Founded by former Rockstar North staffers, Build A Rocket Boy stems from a legacy of large-scale series such as Grand Theft Auto, which has a large online community. It is likely that Everywhere could follow in those footsteps, striving for an equally large online presence.

With Everywhere Serving as a bigger push towards a true gaming metaverse than those before, Build A Rocket Boy provides an extended scope for gaming. For example, it claims that Everywhere will offer something for everyone, with multiple narratives to explore and various ways players can build their own experiences. Not only would the introduction of possible story elements be a step above other metaverse games, but likewise a social space for online communities beyond just gaming would set it apart from Grand Theft Autoit is online services.

Beyond other metaverse games, it seems Everywhere will try to be much more playful than previous efforts. While that might make it stand out among other like-minded titles, audiences have already figured out the highly ambiguous framing of what Everywhere will be. While reveal trailers are often meant to leave fans wanting more, they’re not meant to keep fans guessing what the game is about, so Build A Rocket Boy should reveal more. Everywhere soon so players can have something more substantial to sink their teeth into.

Everywhere is currently still in development.

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