Don’t just watch the game, PLAY the game!

Sponsored by Fanslide

Fantasy Football Scout is delighted to work with Slide, a whole new type of fantasy game played live on single matches.

Fanslide’s unique app is ready to take the fantasy world by storm, with managers making live decisions throughout the game.


How to play Fanslide

In Fanslide, you choose three players at one time by “sliding” them into play when you think they’ll perform well.

However, each individual player can only be used for a maximum of 20 minutes, so manage their time wisely. Rather than picking premium assets and sitting still, you’ll need a strategy to maximize your points return. To help with this, players can be removed at any time to save their remaining minutes for later.

Powered by live Opta data displayed on a vidiprinter, players earn and lose points for a series of actions. For example, a goal is worth 20 points, one given for each dribble or interception. Defenders earn clean sheet points if they don’t concede within 20 minutes of you having them.

Although there are far more points on offer than in Fantasy Premier League (FPL), scoring is easy to grasp. Players then earn single, double or triple points depending on where you swipe them.

Thus, a goal when Mohamed Salah is in “x3” earns 60 points and three Bournemough defenders who do not concede in the first 20 minutes will collect 30 points plus everything they have earned for blocks, saves, in- heads won, etc.

You can read the full rules here.

Why Fan Slide?

Fanslide is free to download and play, with cash prizes on select matches such as £500 up for grabs for Monday’s clash between Manchester United and Liverpool (for players from Great Britain).

The game was designed and built by a group of football loving friends in London who were frustrated with in-play betting and decided to create a more exciting live fantasy style game instead.

“Fanslide adds a whole new layer of excitement when you watch football on TV. It’s immersive and interactive and as you compete against your friends and the rest of the world, you also see the game from a different perspective, noticing the players and their contributions in a new way.

“We wanted to create a better way to add excitement to football than just betting on it, and with Fanslide you can use your knowledge and reading of the game to win. If you want to deposit and bet on the outcome of your games, you can choose to do so in a safe and sustainable way, but Fanslide is and always will be a free game. – founder Joe Cocozza

How to get involved

Join the Fantasy Football Scout group on Fanslide by clicking here. There’s an Academy section in the app with “How to Play” guides, tips, and advice, but the best way to learn is to get stuck in a game. Practice some slides this weekend and see if you can win a share of Monday’s jackpot.

Fanslide is a licensed betting product. You must be 18 or over to gamble and if you choose to deposit money and place bets, remember to always gamble responsibly.



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