Deathloop game playtime, how long does it take to beat campaign mode, story explained

The long-awaited adventure game Deathloop has finally hit Xbox as a day one Game Pass addition, and fans are wondering how long it will take to beat the campaign mode.

To put it simply, how long the game takes to beat will vary wildly from person to person.

Deathloop game playtime, how long does it take to beat campaign mode and story explained

Arkane’s latest game in the adventure genre has been released since 2021 as a PS5 exclusive, and it’s been nominated for numerous GOTY awards.

Several outlets like IGN also gave it a 10/10. It becomes justified once fans see that the characters are fantastic, with an intelligent and captivating story.

Moreover, the main aspect of each game, namely the gameplay, is as fun as you would expect from the developers behind Dishonored and Prey.

Players should first take their time to explore every nook and cranny of the game. However, players will eventually find themselves quickly going through each map.

How long does it take to beat the Deathloop campaign mode?

Players can take between 15 and 20 hours to beat the Deathloop career mode. However, some players may complete the game earlier or longer depending on their exploration level.

The game features multiple secret areas and routes to find, and the game is puzzle-like much like Dishonored. There are also multiple ways to eliminate targets, which will result in a longer or shorter game time.

Deathloop is also an unsolved mystery for players to solve, which means wits and intuition will help determine how long it will take to break the loop.

The game also has a fairly easy turntable to unlock, but players will need to repeat areas multiple times to earn each trophy.

Multiplayer functionality

Besides the campaign mode, another aspect that will lengthen your time with Deathloop is its brilliant multiplayer functionality.

The campaign length will span through AI or multiplayer Julianna killing players during the story, but anyone can freely play as Julianna.

As Julianna, players can level up to unlock dozens of powers, weapon upgrades, and stylish outfits.

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