Consider a career in the growing industry of video game design

Only a decade or two ago, very few people would have considered embarking on a career in the video game industry. Video games were less sophisticated and available than they are today, and although technology advanced at a rapid pace, video game development was simply not a profession taken seriously. Fast forward to the present, and you will see a growing demand in the gaming world. From games on apps and smart phones, tablets and various specialized gaming systems or gaming devices, online casino games now offer a vast market of opportunity for anyone considering a career as a video game designer.

Becoming a video game designer is something that many college students find appealing. Millennials and Generation X have learned and used games all their lives. They can easily transition from dedicated gamer to video game developer.

What does a job as a video game developer or video game designer look like?

If getting paid to have fun and test out new video game concepts, designs, and characters sounds like a fun gig, then a career in video game development might be the perfect fit. Although he has to endure these difficult but tedious aspects of game development, being the creator and player of games can take an avid gamer as far as his imagination will go.

However, there are often long hours involved in game development. Much like a writer of a great novel, you build a story through pixels. You may want to include and expand on things like puzzles, secrets, or plots. You can also develop characters and create the setting for the game(s). Imagine a world in your mind that has the freedom to come to life on screen!

What type of training is needed to become a creator/designer/developer of video games?

Unfortunately, there is no single answer, as there are many types of video game design work. Each has a specific area or skill set to complement the technical aspects required for the position.

These are just a few of the game designer positions available:

  • Coding
  • game software engineer
  • Video game designer
  • Video game developer/programmer
  • game producer
  • Game Content Creator/Writer
  • Composer
  • game animation
  • Artists / Illustrators – both digitally and by hand
  • Developer/programmer of online casino games, primarily online slots like the ones seen here

For starters, any basic college course related to computers and technology should be part of the chosen program. These areas can help you focus on a specific gaming niche, whether animation is your thing, or coding, video game designer, programmer, etc. Decide on your main goal later. Classes that focus on arts education are also a good place to start. Lessons in music, sound, illustration, animation, computer and related arts and/or graphic design will help you develop the best skills.

The pay scale for video game designers and video game developers is very generous, with most living comfortably between $45,000 and $80,000+ per year. Some salaries may be higher, depending on the companies, the location and your skills. Most of the major video game companies are located on the west coast of the United States, but there are also many online casino game providers in Europe. Students around the world can find art classes on campus or by attending an online art school. Video game careers can also be done remotely, in some cases. It’s ideal for someone who doesn’t like commuting or working in a traditional office.

Some Good Online Game Design Schools

Baker College

Sheridan Technical College

Art University Academy

Franklin University

Full Sail University

The Art Institute of Pittsburgh – Online Division

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