A conversation with game creator Aimee Lucido

OK, the piano wasn’t the alone reason we moved, but that was definitely the acceleration factor. And the worst part is that I can’t even play the piano anymore, because my husband has been working from home since the start of the pandemic, and the piano is too loud to play while he is on Zoom calls!

I went to Brown University for the undergrad, and for some reason it turned out that there was a confluence of puzzle-conscious young adults who went to Brown at the same time. Several of them also had ties to the New York Times. In my sophomore year, we got together to create Brown Puzzle Week at The New York Times, which ran from September 13-18, 2010.

I had never done a puzzle before but wanted to participate, so Jonas Kagan, another Brown friend of mine, spent a day teaching me how to make them. We submitted my first puzzle to Will Shortz and a few months later it was billed as the kickoff for Brown Puzzle Week! I had so much fun doing it that I just didn’t stop. It has now been over 11 years since that first and I do over 30 puzzles a year. It’s wild!

I am very proud of my hint for UNDERWIRE which just ran in one of my without a theme a few weeks ago with the hint “Boob tube?”

My second book just came out in October!

When I’m not doing a crossword, I’m an author of children’s books, and my second book, RECIPE FOR A DISASTER, speaks of a Jew-ish girl who goes behind her family’s back to give herself the bat mitzvah of her dreams. This is the sequel to my first book, EMMY IN THE CODE KEY, which is about a musician learning to code in Java.

Another cool thing that’s going on in my life is that I’m about to be the editor of a new trivia feature for the AVCX! We have a Kickstarter to help support new features, which in addition to my trivia feature include cryptic puzzles, mini puzzles, and additional 15x crossword puzzles. If you want to support the expansion or if you want to subscribe to AVCX puzzles, you can get more information here.

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